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Help me complete my flag collection


Last month I've started a worlds flag collection. I try to get the flag with a landmark, in a ceremony, with people, etc.

Till now im missing till now the fallowing flags:


Pitcairn Islands:

British Antarctic Territory


Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

You can view the collection World Flags

© Adrea

Photo credits: Adrea.

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February 09, 2011

Ucebistu suggestion for Republika Srpska. :D

February 08, 2011



After I've lost my flags documents i was a bit disappointed and today I've restart the work on collection and finished :D
I still miss the next flags:

Saint-Barthélemy (wanna the call of arms the flag is the same with France ) :

Republika Srpska:

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Thanks a lot:)

April 08, 2010


Obviously you miss many!!!
I could see many suggestions later ;)

April 08, 2010


Not sure if you need a flag of Morocco. [imgl]5509492[/imgl]

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