Help me understand pending time

Hi there,

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Can somebody explain it to me. I

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September 09, 2008


That makes sense to me about the unfinished files changing the time back to hours, but I've noticed that when that happens to my files it is usually only the ones that end up getting rejected anyways.

September 08, 2008


Thanks for your response and for the links, but the problem isnĀ“t solved. DT should reconsider this baffling system. An Image is in the pending queue or not. In and out is nonsense.

September 08, 2008


Maybe reading message board threads like the followings would help?


Under review or not...

Also, from what I read, images under "Unfinished Files" are already lining up for reviews, so if you leave them in the "Unfinished Files" section for a few days or a week and then submit them after adding keywords, it's quite possible for instant review.

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