A helping hand for the newbies

I'm not an VIP photographer, but I want to help those that are waiting patiently their first buy...

So... I think I can begin with some Italian artists =)

This so yummy sweets comes from Nina, Pesaro. Lovely lighting and focus!

© Marsil

This is a new anatomy style from Marcello, Aversa. I think this is a funny method to show anatomy =) Very good realization!!!

And now a very particular view of the Florence dome. I have many shots of Florence dome, but anyone is so particualar. I love the angle and the details!! Good work Roberto!!

Photo credits: Elbardamux, Marsil, Ninetteluz.

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September 03, 2007


wowwowow ! an article for me.. :) thank you!

August 30, 2007


So why not do what i do and actually buy an image from them with the credits you earn? That would really help them. If you're going to use my idea then at least think up your own title.

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