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A helping hand for the newbies (part 14)

Do you remember when you first joined DT and you waited patiently for that first sale? I do! and I also remember the feeling of elation it brought with it. What I want to do is look at a portfolio with no sales, buy what i think is the best image in that portfolio and show it on a blog with 2 others from the same portfolio that I think should be worth a sale or two.

The point of this series of blogs is to get the ball rolling for some of our newbies.

So here is the 14th image I've bought from a newbie.

His name is Andrey Garbuzar and he's from Riga in Latvia.

I think this image could be used to advertise things like teenagers, health, attitude, social problems many things. I like it very much.

Here's two more of Andrey's images.

Good luck with your dreamstime career Andrey.

Photo credits: Andrey Garbuzar.

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July 24, 2008


What a great thing you are doing, Tony... Excellent idea! :O)

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