A helping hand for the newbies (part 17)

Do you remember when you first joined DT and you waited patiently for that first sale? I do! and I also remember the feeling of elation it brought with it. What I want to do is look at a portfolio with no sales, buy what i think is the best image in that portfolio and show it on a blog with 2 others from the same portfolio that I think should be worth a sale or two.

The point of this series of blogs is to get the ball rolling for some of our newbies.

So here is the 17th image I've bought from a newbie.

His name is Roman Kobzarev and he's from Moscow in the Russian Federation. I just love the expression on the cheetah's face as if to say 'what the hell you lookin' at chump?'

LOL Excellent photo Roman!

Here's two more from Roman's portfolio.

Good luck with your dreamstime career Roman. I really believe you have what it takes to succeed here.

Photo credits: , Roman Kobzarev.

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September 24, 2007


Great photographs! I love the cheetah photo, mostlly because I just LOVE big cats! They absolutely fascinate me! But of those three posted, I must say that the water spewing from the bottle is my favorite. GREAT capture! And it has so many uses! Wonderful contrast, too!

September 24, 2007


Thanks for the comments and good luck finding 'the shot' see if you can download it from someone with no or little sales. :-)

September 24, 2007


I read your concept and commented last week on this idea. I still like it a ton!

This weekend I realized I needed a specific style of photo I don't have, and I'm in no mood to seek out the right location and people to make the image. So, guess what I'll be doing this morning???

If you guessed "Search Dreamtimes and find the shot" you'd be correct. Time to start searching portfolios. :)

Thanks for supporting the new members, it's greatly appreciated. Oh, and the cheetah above is GREAT!

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