A helping hand for the newbies (part 8)

Do you remember when you first joined DT and you waited patiently for that first sale? I do! and I also remember the feeling of elation it brought with it. What I want to do is look at a portfolio with no sales, buy what i think is the best image in that portfolio and show it on a blog with 2 others from the same portfolio that I think should be worth a sale or two.

The point of this series of blogs is to get the ball rolling for some of our newbies.

So here is the 8th image I've bought from a newbie

His name is Stefan Krause and he's from Hof in Germany. I love the colours of this image and with autumn almost upon us I feel this image could sell well in the coming months.

Here's two more of Stefan's images.

Good luck with your dreamstime career Stefan.

Photo credits: Stefan Krause.

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September 08, 2007


LOL Thanks Tangie it's good to know my efforts are not going unnoticed.

September 08, 2007


Making people happy...:) Tony, you're an inspiration, honestly. Sorry you got upset about lessons though . . . but everything you do seems to be for the benefit of other users. Comforting to know there are selfless and good people around.
Nice nice nice, you get a "Bravo crocodile" stamp from me. :P I have a funny stamp which I used to give my students when their homework was very good. it's a happy crocodile that hugs you..:). So, my bows to you and the stamp :P

September 06, 2007


Glad to help :-)

September 06, 2007


Hi Antony, I was surprised when I read about my images in your article this morning - but your idea is great ! Thank you very much.
Kind regards - Stefan

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