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Hi! Today I will present a resort in Romania that was once the most beautiful in Europe, which now began to rise from the ashes: Băile Herculane! The statue of Hercules represents the perfect balance between physical strength and the spiritual creative energy-it has been carved in 1847,being made of cannon iron in memory of the soldiers cured here.Baile Herculane is a town in Romanian Banat, in Caraş-Severin county, situated in the valley of the Cerna river, between the Mehedinţi mountains to the east and the Cerna mountains to the west, elevation 168 meters. Its current population is approximately 6,000. The town administers one village, Pecinișca.

The spa town of Băile Herculane has a long history of human habitation. Numerous archaeological discoveries show that the area has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era.

Legend has it that the weary Hercules stopped in the valley to bathe and rest. During the 165 years of Roman domination of Dacia, the Herculaneum Spa was known all over the Empire.Unearthed stone carvings show that visiting Roman aristocrats turned the town into a Roman leisure center. Six statues of Hercules from the time have been discovered. A bronze replica of one of them, molded in 1874, stands as a landmark in the town center.

In modern times, the spa town has been visited for its supposedly natural healing properties: hot springs with sulfur, chlorine, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, as well as negatively ionized air. Before World War II, when the first modern hotel was built (i.e. H Cerna, 1930) it remained a popular destination with Western Europeans. During the communist rule, mass tourism facilities were built, such as the 8- to 12-storied concrete hotels Roman, Hercules A, Hercules B, Afrodita, Minerva, Diana, UGSR, etc. which dominate the skyline. It was visited by all kinds of people, but was especially popular with employees and retirees, who would spend their state-allotted vacation vouchers there, hoping to improve their health. Today, they share the town with a younger crowd. New privately owned pensions and hotels appeared after 1989, along the Cerna/Tierna river banks, spread from the train station to the end of the hydroelectrical dam. Some of the austro-hungarian era buildings are derelict for the time being, including many of the baths, because of post-communism property related issues.

The Romans built here at Therme Herculi (Ad Aquas Herculi Sacras), temples, baths, monuments and statues dedicated to gods Hercules, Aesculapius and Hygieia. Documentary record of the resort dates back to 153 AD, which is recorded in a clean bathrooms votive: "Gods and deities water Ulpius Secundinus, Marius Valens, Haemus Pomponius, his Carus, Val, Valens, Roman sent as delegates to attend the election as their former colleague consul Severianus, returning unharmed raised this gift of gratitude. " During the Roman civilization, resort Cerna Valley was a major attraction for the aristocracy of ancient Rome. Impressed by the extraordinary healing power of sacred waters on Cerna Valley, the Romans arrived in Dacia they worshiped a cult spa into Hercules's founding.

According to Wikipedia, the romans have left many remains: aqueducts, baths, statues, coins, votive tabule as a sign of gratitude to the gods for healing. After 1718 (the Peace of Passarovitz) begins the modern history and contemporary Herculane in the Austrian Empire. From 1736 start rebuilding and modernizing bathrooms, access roads, building guards Banat here most buildings in the resort, which bears the imprint of Austrian Baroque impressive. It is appropriate to mention here that in 1999, Roman Terms contained in monumental Roman building were restored hotel, after 2000 years, the tourist circuit so visitors can follow the hotel have a spa treatment in the same terms as governor province, the Roman general Marcus Aurelius Pius. After the withdrawal of Roman administration and army under Emperor Aurelian, under the pressure of migratory populations, the bathrooms have fallen more than the brightness of the Roman period. In 1736, General Andreeas Hamilton, governor of Banat from the Emperor Charles VI, rebuilding bathrooms and baths mention the existence of Hercules, and Aesculapius hige. Source with the highest flow is Hercules, who is emerging as Roman hotel and there is no part of the map Baia.

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The resort is accessed over time by great personalities, including: Emperor Joseph II, Emperor Francis I and Empress Carolina, Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth. In 1852 Emperor of Austria considers Herculane as "the most beautiful resort on the continent", and Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) writes a diary in which Herculane are a distinct presence and delightful. The resort is Nicholas Cena Museum, whose collections began to be established since 1922.Places to visit near:The figure of the Dac king,Decebalus is the biggest rock sculpture in Europe!.The natural reservation The Little Boilers(Cazanele mici) and The Big Boilers(Cazanele mari)-(215 ha)

Ponicova Cave is the biggest cave of the Danuben

Continuous existence of two millennia of Baile Herculane was favored by miraculous efficacy of thermal springs, is considered a "gift of the gods" and the resort's picturesque setting in a valley sheltered by mountains, the beauty.

Of utilities leading to a high-class comfort and the rich diversity of treatment methods to cure classical resort to various methods of physiotherapy and electrotherapy, massage, acupuncture, etc.. have given this resort highly attractive. Multiple means of recreation and entertainment, restaurants, bars, summer terraces, swimming pools with thermal water, sauna, massage, billiards, etc.. - As well as hiking and trips to resorts and Cerna Valley, is an additional attraction for visitors Herculane resort.

Sf.Ana Monastery-situated on The Old Man's Hill in Orsova it offers a great view of the Danube.Mraconia Monastery-founded in 1453 and drownedin 1970 when the dam was build ,a replica was constructed on the new bank of the Danube,as a token of Romanian belief in God.

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Herculane Railway station is considered to be the most beautiful railway station in Romania.Built in Baroque style between 1878 and 1886,it reproduces the hunting castle of the Empress Maria Theresa near Vienna.

Thermal waters - internal treatment:Argus Spring or the spring for eye diseases:

Antheu springs for stomach diseases:

Few pictures Cerna river basins constructed near the mountain are people that receive direct thermal water springs from the mountain:

Giant sequoia creations among the highest on earth, breathe and romanian air, that's right, with influences Mediteranee. In Baile Herculane, next to the casino.

According sequoia.ro, tree name "is given in honor of Cherokee leader Sequoyah Indians (1776-1842), who invented a unique alphabet-teaching people how to read and write. One of the first books in the Cherokee language was the Bible (1825)".Botanists sit under the shade of this tree in the Sierra Nevada, California, at an altitude of over two thousand meters, or ... Romania. Due to nature lovers who planted these species Romanian lands, we can enjoy nature and new ... giant. We find in the village Rogojel, Cluj County in Madera, Arad, Oradea and Băile Herculane:

When you see the first time, you can not help but gape, literally. It seems impenetrable crust,

so it grubbed up "guarded" naturally. Law protects well. When you're in it, you feel in a safe tr: huge branches lieu of roof and trunk if you cuddle him ...

So it seems huge and powerful, in Baile Herculane sequoia

is still a child. Not yet reached maturity, although measures 30 meters high and has a diameter of 1.5 m so that the apparent safety that you provide is only an illusion, protecting itself needs to be able to grow proud and and we can proudly nestle beside him in the years to come, those of maturity.

Thank you for having the patience to read about these wonderful places!Best regards,Lenuta:)

Photo credits: , Ciolca, Gicamatescu, Iulius Carebia, Lenutaidi, Claudiu Paizan, Porojnicu, Uhueye.

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