Here i am

Finally I comeback after longtime, someone has stoling my camera and my laptop and so many things from home, so i can not do nothing, i was very frustrated.

Now im here with new laptop, but no camera yet, its coming soon.

© Didaso

Photo credits: Rachida Essahel.

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June 05, 2014


Welcome back!

June 04, 2014


I wish you overcome and recovery after such shock as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are bad indecent people, but good people are still much more numerous! Wish you great comeback!

June 04, 2014


thank u guys, thas great , i didnt know about the mobile phone category thats amazing, thank you

June 04, 2014


In the meantime you can shoot with your mobile phone for the "Mobile" category. I hope you will soon have your camera :).


June 04, 2014


You need forget it.

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