Here I am - on my wedding day!

Here I am, a bride!

But now I won't write about my wedding (full of surprises, emotions and feelings) but for taking photos on your wedding day. I asked for advices in one of my previous blogs. And getting the advices together with the reality, I could make some conclusions:

* Hire a pro photographer! You all know why :))) Nobody can do it better than a pro!

* Make your must-have list of photos and show it to your photographer. You'll never think about taking photos on your wedding day - you just won't have the time. There will be so much things to do.

* Give your cameras to your friends. And a lot of your friends will have their own cameras and almost everyone will be shooting (Eliane, not with guns). In that way you'll have more than 3.000 photos in different angles.

* Enjoy the day! That was one of the most happiest days ever in my life. Enjoy it, have fun and forget about photos! Preparations took a long time and the wedding day itself end in seconds.

After all, photos taken with my camera are out of focus, although everyone likes them (how could they make it, when it was on auto focus ?!?) or not stock oriented, so you won't see them. And also I got a lot of photos made by pro ... but they belong to him and I'm not going to upload them.

I hope these advices are helpful for all your future weddings.

Thank you all for your comments sent on 20th! You were all so kind! Love ya!!!!

You could see some of my photos on facebook (dessie.dimitrova). I've added some of you but couldn't find you all.

And finally ... (I don't like long blogs :))) ... I already have a wed sale! It's my bouquet! My lovely full of memories bouquet!

Photo credits: Desislava Vasileva.

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Belated best wishes! Great advice. Some of my favorite wedding pics were taken by friends with their own cameras.


Congratulations. you are beautiful.
Best wishes to you!!!


CONGRATULATIONS! Wedding seems to me a big step in life. I wish you all the best! Keep your beautiful wedding smile each day of your life!
Once more congratulations!


Congratulations! Nice captures. You look stunning girl. Did you know you were glowing? Must be all that energy you have.


Good pictures


congratulations. you are beautiful.


Congratulations on the wedding! The photos look beautiful! Still I'd love to have seen a photo with you, a tripod and remote shutter release!


Hahh, lucky husband... :)


very very beautiful. congratulations.

working about:


Congratulations! Hope you have a long and happy life with your husband!


Congratulations! Best wishes to you!


Congratulations! Best wishes to you!


Wow, thank you so much for sharing those pictures. I especially like Bride Waiting for the Groom!! Those are so beautiful!!! You are good at self-portraits! Congratulations!!!


So happy for you, congratulations! You're so right about hiring a pro photographer. I was one for over twenty years so I speak from lots of experience. May you and your husband have a long, happy life together, just like I and my hubby have so far... We just celebrated our 34th on Monday, and I can't believe how time flies by so quickly!
Best regards,


Congratulations for your wedding!!! :)


Congrats, you look beautiful. All the best


Congrats Littledesire. You simply look beautiful


Congratulations! I hope everything turned out better than you imagined it. I wish the happy couple a life time of happiness.


LOL you still remember! You're unbelievable :) Congrats again lovely bride..


You've got a great collection there! Love them all, I'm glad so many passed inspection!


Best wishes to you ! :)


Big Day @O@

Best Wishes


Hello Desi,
Congratulation. Wish both of you a wonderful journey together, forever.


"Bride Waiting For The Groom" is great because it could represent anticipation or otherwise (i.e. cold feet).


Hey, congratulations! To you and your hubby! Best best best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you all for the nice words! Best wishes to you, too!


Best wishes,



congrats !!


congratulations, one of the best days of my life for sure :) from what you've said it sounds as though you all had a ball


You are a doll! Your husband is a lucky man! Glad you hired a pro. You will never be sorry for that!

The best to you and yours!

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