Here i sit....

© Del69

Here i sit scratching my head

a Blank screen looking at me

me looking back at it.

A cup of coffee

three coffee's later

i look back at my screen

it still looks back at me.

What do i do

whats not been idea

first i check

nope that's been done

pc off, i walk the dog.

The screen still looks blank

its been like that for awhile


cup of coffee

feed the dog.

Oooo that's an idea

its not been done


finished,i shall up load now.

How many hours

this could take awhile

5 days later


please please please.

YOU got to be kidding

what, where, are you sure

hmmm well really

inspect,problem fixed

upload more coffee.

please please please




well done me.

Here i sit scratching my head...


Photo credits: Derek Trott.

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Thank you.

Unlike my wife,she thinks its so funny that it doesn't rhyme,i said its not a poem,she say that's a god job then with tears running down her face.

Del ;)


Yeeah, I share your feelings! :)


nice blog! very familiar to me for some reason.. not too sure!

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