here i stand at the crossroads

here i stand at the crossroads of decision. this is the month i can delete the approximately 250 images i have, most already disabled, and leave dreamstime.

© Iofoto

i have waited for this time to come for quite a while and yet now, i do not know whether i will take my predetermined course or change my mind.

i have prayed, as i do about any decisions i need to make. and i am still not sure.

i will decide soon, because i hate being in limbo about things

my local work has really picked up, i have plenty i could do.

i have put in a lot of hard work on my portfolio. do i just want to throw that away?

my time is very valuable and some days i feel stretched too far as it is.

peace will come in due time because of this promise "Isaiah 26:3-4) You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You"

Photo credits: Bellemedia, Michael Wiggins, Dmitry Rukhlenko, Iofoto, Scott Maxwell, Roman Milert, Richard Thomas, Solarseven, Thinkart.

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i decided to come on back and try again. :-) and start submitting along the way. it was a deadline i gave myself to decide whether or not to continue. if i was going to stop submitting i would just go ahead and disable the rest, 7 images i still had exclusive. at any rate it had to do with all the exclusivity issues from back in october or whenever. thanks for taking time to comment. i appreciate it.


why take them down - Just leave them there till you are ready to do more, in the meantime they will work for you:)


Thanks! It's a work in progress. Hang in there. You do great work, so I'd hate to see you throw it all away. You'll do the right thing, though. :-)


i can enable the shots i still have in my portfolio. i did not delete them because i knew if i did there was no turning back. however at this point i could put them all back and start again. i bought credits with the last of my earnings, so that i could buy friends shots and the monies would not be totally lost, so i am basically at 96 cents and 34 credits. i need to talk to my hubby about it. and then we will see. i wasn't earning a great deal before so i am just not sure. thanks carolyn for commenting. i looked at your new website, not sure if i let you know that i did. it looked very nice.


As hard as it is to make, sounds like you have already made your decision. When you have prayed about it and totally given it to God, then you have to "let go, and let God" decide the outcome. It will be clear to you when you do that. Couldn't you just let what you already have uploaded just sit here and make money for you without having to do any additional work? Seems like a waste to just throw out what you already have here, even if you are going a different direction with the rest of your work. God bless in whatever decision you make.

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