Here lies Dave, he didn't know it all, but he sure tried to...

My parents cursed me when I was young... Whenever I would ask a question they would try to provide the answer. The more they answered, the more I wanted to know and thus began a lifelong obsession with learning.

Now, before I get started, let me say this for the benefit of any former teachers of mine who may be reading this and wondering why my grades were so poor in Jr and Sr High... Either it was because the subject was boring or you were boring. That's why I slept through most of your class. I do appreciate your not waking me up, though. It helped me to stay awake in the more exciting classes.

When I finally made it to college, I was in complete heaven... Sure there were a lot of required courses to meet my degree requirements, but there were plenty of opportunities to take classes in any any subject that peaked my interest. I was a Geek major with an emphasis in computers. But I took physics courses, psychology courses, marine biology courses, theater courses, and even an anatomy course (*cough*, cute girl, crush, *cough*). The day I graduated, I died a little inside.

I have never lost my love of learning, and even at the tender young age of 43, I learn as much as I possibly can. I take free online courses all the time. I scour the Internet for every tutorial I can find. I watch food channel programs all the time (well, when I'm hungry, anyway). And almost every single day I learn something new.

In fact, I just learned something today: "You can't share your discoveries with the world (and make a little money) if you don't put the camera down and upload them."

I totally lost track of the fact that I haven't uploaded anything in months.

Photo credits: Alexmax.

Your article must be written in English

May 18, 2010


Could I send my grandson to you?? He wants to learn special effects when he grows up, among other things! Love your stuff!

May 18, 2010


Nice article :)

May 18, 2010


That was good reading.

May 18, 2010


The best thing I ever do is to learn new things too... I hope I can read till I die and learn new things.

You have wonderful illustrations. Upload more.

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