Here is a puzzle; well it is for me !

A recently uploaded image has 1 download but no views. How does one buy without looking at it first ? My only thought is that a buyer has a standing order for all images with the word bank or collapse in it and management of DT fulfils the order. Does anyone else have a better explanation of this puzzle ? David

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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January 22, 2010


Yes, that's odd isn't it? my guess is that the reviewer could be also a buyer and bought your image. which I think is a good thing.
I also agree with Gilmourbto2001, I place very little significance in views.
In fact, many times, I noticed the ones with the most views are mostly drive by looking for keywords or ideas.
I love it when I see an image of mine with something like 5 views 5 dls.
I prefer it this way. Views really is inconsequential.

December 04, 2009


A magical event:)

November 23, 2009


I don't think views are as important as us contributors make them out to be. I'll trade 5 views for a sale anyday.

November 22, 2009


The views issue is more than discussed on the message boards...
It might happen that people can download an image just after adding to a light box or clicking on the buy button before login...
Remember that the views of unregistered members are mostly uncounted!
Achiles once said that only a small percentage of views are considered from unregistered members!
For me this is getting a mass, it's better to take away the view counters than keeping them like this!
I advise you not to bother with this much, congratulations for the sale!
Cheers ;)

November 22, 2009


BTW congratulations on the sale! Nice image!

November 22, 2009


Please someone correct me if I am wrong. But wasn't there quite a wile ago a change in how views are counted? Not every view is counted, and this was done to give the view count more of an correct count. So for a new images, many may just take a quick look because it is new. So views that are coming through searches are more important to count. But then again, please correct me if I remember something wrong.

November 22, 2009


I happened with me 3 times and even one time one of my image my image was sold while it was under review and approved after 48 hrs. Two boys sharing secrets 

November 22, 2009


Maybe your image was selected without the client's click on the image

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