hi all

I am new to the community of stock photography, my line of business is canvas printing, for which I have started up a company in Osaka Japan, specializing in quality canvas prints of Japan and Australia.

Till now, my prime motivation when out on photo shoots was of course to shoot Japanese landscape images and all sorts of objects with the intention of making art images.

but now that I have been introduced to this new cyber world of imagery, I have a whole new and exciting reason to go forth into the world and capture! I have been madly researching the industry needs through the blogs and postings of already seasoned professionals to this site and others like it, and wish to thank those people for there very open approach to sharing some of the important facets of this very exciting industry!

Its a credit to you all, and I hope to be able to share some I my learnings here too as the knowledge comes my way.

cheers everyone, and best of luck with your up and downloads!


Photo credits: Paul Whitton.

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Thanks for adding me to your favourites, Paul! I like your angle on photography!

When I will be back in Osaka next year we might have a chance to do some shooting together if youre up for it!



Welcome to Dreamstime! Your portfolio is great so far. Love the giraffe pencil sketch. Good work.


Welcome and keep on enjoying what you love.


Welcome to Dreamstime!!!!!


Nice photos!!!


welcome dude:)) Best of luck:)))


Welcome, and good luck for DT!


Welcome Paul! You are on the right place. I hope you will enjoy. Good luck!

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