hi, friends, are you still using film cameras?

Although digital cameras are popular, and very convenient,But when out shooting photos,especially landscape type photos, I was willing to use a digital camera ,at the same time, an additional 120 film camera Will be brought, Color and level of film is always a delight,these pictures were taken with film cameras and slide, use the Film Scanner scan.

Photo credits: Yangchao.

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You're welcome


I have to find such a store here in my town! It would be great, because I really like doing photos with my film camera!
Thank you for your help!


Hello, I always put negatives to the stores, the stores use an IMACON848 scanner to scan ,The document meet the needs of gallery.


Yes! I use a film camera! A T2 from Canon. It`s kind of simplistic but I love the photos that I get with that! Still I didn`t upload any pictures made with that camera, because I don`t really know how to scan them :P I have a regular scan from canon, do you think it will work with that? I have to use some specific settings?
You have a wonderful and colorful portfolio!

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