Hi There!

Hi Dreamstimers,

It's been awhile since I put my energy on Dreamtime, and now here I am with 76 onlines and a few more under review and I hope to pass 100 mark soon.

I mainly do landscapes, ancient ruins and some animals shoot, and thinking about going to tabletop photography.

From time to time I looked into blogs thankfully, get a invaluable and insightful of how this industry works, so keep up the good posting and you'll know that someone will learn from you.



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July 01, 2012


Hello and thankyou Angelaostafichuk....

July 01, 2012


Lovely! Your photos make me want to keep travelling! Good framing and showing off the natural world. Keep uploading, keep talking about yourself. I think people would have a great interested in some of the places you are shooting : ) Good luck!

June 30, 2012


Hello and thanks for your insights Archangel72....

June 27, 2012


Hello and welcome on Dreamstime, Agung ;) !
I wish you very good time and lots of sales in here.
Just be patient at the beginning, and keep on uploading different types of pictures.
In time you will learn your way through rejections and approvals, which is a normal process in start of your selling career here on Dreamstime.
Pay attention on your keywords, and choose your best picures to build great and noticeable portfolio.
Wish you all the best...
Thanks for your fav ;)

June 23, 2012


thanks so much Irisangel, I have tried several upload attempts and the results are nil :( .... time to start rethinking :)

June 23, 2012


Tabletop photography can be fun and profitable. Isolated objects and food photos are big sellers. Good luck. You can find all kinds of tutorials on YouTube and there are tons on websites that can help you get started. Like this one, http://www.tabletopstudio.com/

June 22, 2012


thanks and hello to Yadamons and Racheld32

June 22, 2012


nice portfolio, thanks for shared

June 21, 2012


good luck to you! Wonderful portfolio!

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Photo credits: Agung Angkawijaya.