Such a long way since April 2011, as I uploaded regularly, Nowadays, I've got at least one sale per day. Thank DT for providing me this opportunity to sell easily my modest pictures like nowhere else and to the buyers who bought my pictures. I hope that they are satisfied with my pictures. And so far so good, I may say that I had only one refund with unknown reason and one duplicated download refund.

All of this sounds like that I reached half of my quest : 50% for

5 windmill in a row as latest upload

545 pictures uploaded to support new contributors

570.50$ of incomes

50$ earnings balance

5 downloads using credit earned by writing articles.

0,50% downloads per image

56% of acceptance ratio as I am still trying/learning to upload commercials pictures

520$ transfered already in my account :)

Another 500$ and the 7D will be in my gears bag :)

Good luck for every contributors and photographers on DT.

All the best.

Photo credits: Digikhmer.

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March 09, 2012


I am happy for you. Congratulations. You are a good example for all. Thank you. :)

March 08, 2012


Very good!

March 08, 2012


Congratulations, well done!

March 08, 2012


Great! Congratulations!!!

March 08, 2012


Love the windmills!

March 08, 2012


Congratulations brilliant achievements :)

March 08, 2012


Nice work, congratulations!!!

March 07, 2012


Very good! Congratulations :)

March 07, 2012


Congratulations, great job.

March 07, 2012


Good ! Congrats!

March 07, 2012


Nice job! Congratulations :)

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