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With a cursory glance into crime, investigation, and/or security/privacy, I see it's exceedingly easy to find a picture of a security camera. Come to think of it, the whole topic is covered from wildly abstract to completely cliche. The fun for me has been picking out a handful of images that excite. Ones that raise and eyebrow. Check them out. Add your own in the comments, and designers... do these fine contributors the honor of a download. You'll make their day.

Thanks so much.

© Tein79

© Jf123

Photo credits: , Davewhitney, Jf123, Pemotret, Amy Walters, Rolffimages, Dmitry Bomshtein, Zimmytws.

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November 10, 2009


I'm glad to share. I thought it was interesting, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

November 09, 2009


These are great! Cheers :0)

November 09, 2009


Fabulous ideas and photos!

November 09, 2009


Great initiative! Thanks for sharing :)

November 09, 2009


Great idea :)

November 09, 2009


Great idea and photos!

November 09, 2009


I like this domain: security! Great idea, Jonathan!

November 09, 2009


great blog,

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