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On the new year's eve we have a Portuguese tradition in eating 12 raisins and making 12 wishes or goals for the whole year.

This year during this ceremony a minute before midnight, one of my wishes was to buy a powerful drone like Mavic Air.


It's not something that is going to replace any of my equipment, but it will add more value to my skills and my photography, not to mention the fun!

As technology has made it possible to use these gadgets for personal use, the world of photography had reached another level that made me dream like a bird (Big bird let's say) and think about joining this world of amazing perspective in taking photos and footage for personal use and of course for Microstocks.

Aerial view of Miami Port and city skyline, Florida

Why I made this choice?

- Ain't shots from Drone a well covered subject?

The answer is no. I still believe I'm not going to be that late shooting with drones for Microstocks!

Aerial view from drone to the ruins of old medieval castle Spesbourg, Alsace

There are thousands of places and hidden places of landscape that are worth to discover and to be shown on Microstocks, with or without models. For animal habitats and fields of crops. For ancient places and touristic areas if it's legal and allowed to use them.

- How does this place really look from above?

It's a question a drone could answer it and mostly will leave you with an open mouth.

Happy Man on mountain summit enjoying aerial view

- Say good bye to wrong light direction in most of the cases!

Yes a flying camera can take the angle that you can't reach, it can turn the light to your favor most of the times! Even shadows could add a value to the beauty of the image!

Group of thoroughbred horses walking and grazing in paddock near stable. Long evening afternoon shadow. Beautiful animals at farm

- I would love to keep nice memories and different kind of shots from the places I want to visit and repeat some shots in some places I had already visited but with drone perspective. My mind can't stop imagining some scenes!

V08551 2 young people couple romantic sunbathing on pontoon with aerial view in beautiful clear aqua blue sea water


- I see an extra space needed in addition to my camera and lenses, hopefully not much extra weight.

- Limited time of flying! Of course it depends on the use and the capacity of the batteries of the drone.

- The legal use of drones, obviously it depends on where are you using them and country laws.

What are your recommendations regarding Drones?

Thank you in advance for reading, your recommendations & votes...Happy New Year Everyone

Photo credits: Alexander Sorokopud, Everst, Kyryl Gorlov, Jayson Wayne Brown, Giovanni Gagliardi, Williammacgregor.

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I'm glad to hear that @Serjedi


Helpful and interesting article. Thanks for sharing


haha good to know @Littlemacproductions :-)


Makes me want a drone!


Thank you @Justmeyo!


great article!


@Kllydenpatkelly the cost is around $1000 but to master it I have no clue!


@Dmccale thank you so much! @Creativei this is amazing! :-O


What was the cost and how long did it take to master the craft of flying it?


https://www.dreamstime.com/modify.php?imageid=135932741 now thats the image i was talking about, clicked using Mavik Air


Wow love this blog (((H)))


Thank you all for your encouraging comments! Have a good year for shooting everyone! :-)


I hope to buy dji Mavic pro2 in the new year.


Love the view from way up there! Good article!


Very nice article Maen!


Recommend is Mavic... yeah shooting in drone is different feeling. Just waiting for a image to be approved here in DT I submitted few days ago. Once it’s approved I want you to add that image in this blog 😁🙈😂🥴As usual nice blog mate. It’s time DT commissions you to be regular blogger


Nice work and beautiful pics Maen!

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