Hiking in Upper Franconia, Bavaria (Germany)

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today I want to give you some general information about Hiking in Upper Franconia, Germany.

For the start it's funny for me, that there's no real translation of the german word "Wandern" in english. I knew the common translations "hiking" and "rambling" out of other contexts. Especially the meaning of to "to ramble on" is surprisingly negative for something as positive like "Wandern". But in other languages it's even worse. I asked once, if there is a good translation for "Wandern" into Italian. First I had to describe what "Wandern" is and then I got the answer: There is no good translation, because nobody in Italy is doing "Wandern". So when I try to explain it to Italians (especially southern Italians) with "I'm walking through the land to enjoy the nature", I always get a look as if I'm crazy =p

But let's get to the topic. I was born and still live in Upper Franconia, a region in the north of Bavaria. It has many forests, hills and even some mountains in the Spruce Mountains. There is a lot to discover and because of this Franconia is full of trekking trails like the Franconian Trail for example. You may find some informations to this trail here: Franconian Trail

But there is not only nature to discover, but medieval castles, chateaus, old villages and cities and other great places, too. For example Chateau Seehof near Bamberg, castle Giechburg near Schesslitz or Castle Neideck. You can find more informations to the Franconian Castle Trail with its more than 150 castles and palaces and the Franconian Switzerland here: Franconian Switzerland

In spring and summer you may find rare wild orchids, if you know the places or join a group of orchid friends, which travel to the orchid spots. There are many different sorts of orchids here, like the bee and spider orchids and even some hybrid orchids, or the famous lady's slipper orchid in June. Sadly there are people, that dig up orchids and try to plant them in their garden. Since orchids depend on their natural spot, they rarely survive outside their natural habitat. So, when you find orchids, take care that nobody learns of their spots, who doesn't really need to.

In autumn, the forests start glowing golden and you may find nice autumn flowers like gentians and meadow saffrons. And the autumn forests are full of mushrooms. But if you want to eat mushrooms pay close attention, that you don't catch a poisonous mushroom. If you want to go climbing, you may look for climbing rocks in the Jura Mountains of the Franconian Switzerland. But since I'm a bit afraid of heights, I don't have a huge interest in leaving the ground if I don't really have to ;-)

There is only one real danger in the nature, you have to look for. There are no dangerous animals here (only one mildly poisonous snake and some boars, which never show themselves to hikers), except for the wooden tick, which can transmit bad diseases like the Lyme disease. My advice is to always wear long trousers, full shoes and shower often after going to the forests and meadows in Franconia. Especially the meadows are full of wooden ticks, who clip to blades of grass and get taken off, when you touch the grass.

But despite that Franconia has a lot to offer and more to show and is always worth a visit.

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Your article must be written in English

September 06, 2013


Greetings from Bayreuth Upper Franconia.

   Richard Wagner conducts Bayreuth   

You are right, Franconia has a lot to offer and more to show and is always worth a visit.

September 05, 2013


Great article and photos, thanks! I have been hiking a lot in the Bavarian Alps but this Franconian Trail is new to me. Looks really beautiful! Have to add it to my travel list. :-)

September 04, 2013


Really beautiful images!

September 03, 2013


Wow, amazing images, thanks for sharing.

September 03, 2013


Thanks a lot to all of you =)

September 03, 2013


Very nice photos! I live close to this area in a town called Erlangen (near Nuremberg) and it's a pity that I have so few photos of it!

September 03, 2013


Great shots! Great blog! Thanks for sharing!

September 03, 2013


It is very beautiful!

September 03, 2013


Beautiful pictures!And blog! Thank you for sharing!

September 03, 2013


Great scenery shots. Wish I can be there one day. I probably would be too busy taking photos to enjoy the scenery, unless of course I have an eternity there.

September 03, 2013


Thanks =)

For the enchanted forst I used some post production (one color texture for enhancement); but this works only on special days (with enough fog, the morning sun and when the trees have enough colors themselves)

September 03, 2013


Beautiful blog accompanied by wonderful pictures! The photography which I like the most is the "enchanted forest", it is natural light or you worked this image in post production?

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