Hitting my Stride - Sort of...

Now with 31 uploads, I feel I’m finally hitting my stride.

Before uploading or taking the photo I now ask myself the question (what others have suggested)...

“Will this photo be useful/desirable to others?”

I've learned this is actually a tough question to honestly ask oneself.

Despite my new found confidence and understanding of what DT wants, I recently had two photos refused that I thought were "sure things".

I will continue to try to think out of the box and hopefully continue to get some good shots.

How do you like the "Eating Crabs" photo? Trust me, it was very difficult to get. The little guy refused to come out of his shell!

Talk about a hand cramp!

I've also learned that a great subject just isn't great without excellent lighting.

Photo credits: Stuart Meade.

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I'm proud of my aerial shots and hope that more sell. I keep thinking that this might be the most desirable.


Way to go!!! Keep up the good work. I see you aerial shots are your first sellers. Congrats!


It almost at me!


Did you eat it alive? :)


Congrats Stuart, keep them coming...


Not only was the crab not cooperative, but the shell was very slippery to hold with the chopsticks.

Thanks for your nice comments.


WOW!! I think the composition of your photos is more original than mine. I really like the "Eating Crabs" photo - I can imagine how hard it was to get - anything that can move is difficult to capture in a photo.


Wow, you use chopsticks very well. Good pictures.

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