hobby assignment question

hi all ! I wrote to admin and asked if editorial photos were allowed in the assignment, however, 3 days later I still have not gotten an answer. for some reason, I am not getting answers~! so... does anyone know if editorial photos of hobbies are allowed? Ive read the rules.. I cant find that answer. so help!

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February 18, 2013


Hi Susan. If you do not receive an answer from our support service, it is very possible we did not get your message. In such cases, we recommend you try again or post on the message board your question - except for refusals :). Week-end days are off so you need to allow extra time if you send your messages on Friday for instance.

Editorial images are not accepted for this assignment. we did accept editorial images for one assignment so far and we usually announce officially when assignments are open for editorials. This one is not.

February 16, 2013


Editorial images are rejected very quickly.

February 15, 2013


I'll monitor this blog because I have exactly the same question :)

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