Holiday back in time, into history

I had the chance of visiting Hampi, about 400km from my place in Bangalore, India. This place blew me away with its haunting and majesting stone palaces and temple ruins. All sculpted from granite, the 14-15th century archaeological site was steeping in history, past glory and great kings, and amazing stories.

Each desolate ruin harked back to the splendor it once enjoyed and had us reflecting on the things that have occured there since then.

Shot the famous stone structures in early morning and late evening shoots. Got a few into DT, and will process the whole lot to see what makes the cut in DT.

Photo credits: Vishwa Kiran.

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January 06, 2010


I have been to Bangalore a few times. I've heard great things about Hampi and from your photos it looks like a fascinating place.

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