The Holiday That Stock Forgot

Sometimes, when I am looking for inspiration, I check the calendar to see which holidays are coming up, then I search the site to see how many images are already uploaded and which ones seem to sell . I recently searched for "Presidents Day", which is February 16th this year. I was surprised to see that my search yielded only 40 results. So here are a few that I just uploaded. Maybe you can add a few also.

Photo credits: Irisangel.

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Thanks Linqong. Thats why I thought I would share it.


Great idea:)Great!


Sue, I think presidents march around in cities eveyday! So they could have a President Year! :):)
Irisangel, I forgot to mension that I saw a calendar made from Yuri Arcurs. Well, it's about when we have "down days" becouse of the celebrations but it could be usefull for you and your projects! Here it is! Good luck!


Great idea!!! I had not thought of doing photos or illustrations for this! This blog article gives me good ideas just like Ellen Boughn's blog articles do!!! (


Well, Dessie, since he has nothing else to do he likes to march around town, so we call it President's Day! LOL

And thaks for reminding us that we have some more sales to look forward to not going to, since no one has any money!


great idea to look in the calendar for upcoming days! good luck with these!


I had no idea there's a presidents day. How can only one person celebrate in a whole country :)

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