Homage to MIZ

One year ago today, a fellow stock contributor passed on. He was an inspiration to me and great help to me in my pursuit of imagery. His manner may have been gruff at times but he was ALWAYS helpful and full of excellent advice. His advice stung often but were always filled with truth and most importantly a solution!

He had a .. certain presence on the message boards... mostly humor always on the edge of inciting a riot!

MIZ.. if you are listening.. MISS YA!

© Rjmiz
© Rjmiz
© Rjmiz
© Rjmiz
© Rjmiz

Photo credits: Anthony Furgison.

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like his tutorials! tnx for share...


he was brilliant! straight to the point and told you what he thought! RIP Miz


Nice of you to post this rememberance. I was a brand new Dreamstime member at the time but I remember Rjmiz and all of his comments and wise words. He also commented on my images...I guess the truth is always best; even if it is painful!!


I remebrer Rjmiz, he commented one of my first images on Dreamstime and he encouraged me very much. I was so glad that the master like Rjmiz noticed my picture!
Marinello, thank you for the link on tutorials.


I believe his family inherited his portfolio. There was a time where his sister responded to his obituary where she thanked everyone for their kind thoughts. But I am not sure. It does make one think about the transfer of ones own portfolio in case of the ever untimely "passing".


i like his tutorials. Who has control now on his portfolio?


Yes just looked his work is inspirational. Thanks for telling us. David.


I haven't meet him before, but for sure his photography and photoshop skills are reference for all. Thanks for sharing ;)


Yes, his remarks could be a bit gruff, but if you were willing to learn, he was always willing to help. There was a huge giving heart under all the crustiness. Thank you for posting this remembrance!


Other "The Miz" tutorials on stockphotographer.info


Yes Susan do the Noodie thingy again! Roberto, thanks for sharing the tuts again.


And I may put a Noodie back on again! :0

Wish I had been able to learn more from him, at the time I didn't have Photoshop and I didn't understand much of what he said! When I finally got Photoshop I was really overwhelmed!!! And I like to know the truth, that way you don't waste as much time.


He will be missed a lot!
I've watched a lot of his tutorials!
Just remind one of his latest post, he insisted from us to put a real photos of us on our profile' pages and Susan put a Noodie photo :)))


The Miz... great help to me too.
My personal remembrance publishing some of his stock oriented photoshop tutorials

Thanks to remember us his humor.

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