Homage to Pavarotti

I would like to take this space to pay Homage to Luciano Pavarotti. The man who brought opera to the masses. Only once in a while such great artist are born, people whose art goes out to touch lives.

Though I never understood the operas, his voice had the power to go beyond words and meanings. The power to revive the lost souls.

My favorite song of Pavarotti, is a duet with my other favorite singer Celine Dion "I hate you, then I love you". Every time I listen to it I am in tears.

Luciano Pavarotti will continue to remain in our heart and souls and continue to touch our live every time we listen to his songs.


Photo credits: Chiyacat.

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February 21, 2017


Luciano Pavarotti is immortal. He's always in our hearts. I remember the concert video taped where he sang with Celine Dion. They were both so magnificent on the stage! I miss that time so much... We all should pay homage to him.
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