Home alone

My home is empty. I was left alone with my dog at my big house and I don't know what to do with myself on the lonely evenings.

© Paha_l

My daughter is with her grand parents on holiday and my wife's just joined them. These days are the last summer days this year although it 's got cold and cloudy.

© Barsik

So I'm alone thinking about my life and my passions. One could say it's a great opportunity to change one of the rooms into studio, invite some young models and take lot's of great images in a calm and silent atmosphere. Or maybe to have some reading of books which were left on hold for future or maybe to refresh my relationship with my parents.

Some parties with friends...? Or maybe rest without worries?

What do you think? What would you do being at my place?

Cheers and greetings.

Photo credits: Galina Barskaya, Pavel Losevsky.

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August 30, 2007


If I were home alone, I would watch tons of movies, sleep as a tiger round the clock, eat, listen to music...for three days. That's about the longest I lasted secluded and isolated from the world. :)
You should try resting with no worries.

August 29, 2007


well, I guess like this: reading Bible, thinking about last days, analysis my character, prepare to surprise my family when they come back, walk with my dog, and continuous calling to my love.

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