Home can become a stock photo

Several days ago I uploaded one shot on a whim, and honestly I wasn't sure if it would pass the test. It was a unique view of my current home, a 25 ft Airstream. I'd recently backed my silver twinkie against some great rock formations here in Arizona, and was taking the photo for my personal blog.

I was happy to see the photo accepted here. And it tells me I should think more about using my unique lifestyle (Airstreaming) as part of my stock portfolio.

Now I'm reconsidering many "home" shots as possible stock photos. I'll be looking forward to the "log cabin" home photo in the near future! :)

Photo credits: Richard Charpentier.

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October 07, 2007


I agree that's a great idea too given the conveniency and comfort right from home. if you haven't kept your house dust free perhaps its time for an extreme makeover and spring cleaning, turning it into a money churning asset :)

October 07, 2007


You know, I'm not so sure on all name brand things. In this instance it seems the name is ok. Then again, there's only 1 big silver twinkie out there, and we all know it's name.

I've also seen car photos here. Clearly a Ford, GM, etc. Those seem to fly. Not sure where the line is between acceptable and unacceptable for such things with name brands.

Get that motorhome and shoot, shoot, shoot! :) It's an interesting experience, and you meet people with stories that just amaze!

While I'll work on shooting more of the immediate surroundings, I think I'll stay away from interior shots right now. It's 6:30 a.m., got my cup of tea, and the bed isn't made yet. :)

October 07, 2007


Great idea and shot. I was just wondering, though, about the "Airstream" being left on. Do we not have to clone out name brands, etc.? This is part of what has kept me from submitting several I have, because when you take away the name, sometimes it takes away part of the "feeling", if you will, of the image. I'd LOVE to be where you are. My husband keeps "threatening" to get a motor home and travel the country "so I can just shoot, shoot, shoot!"

October 06, 2007


And you should do so. What is obvious and common for you, is something very unique for others. Banal truth everyone should consider and learn. Thwere are numerous threads about: "I'm so tired about my immediate surroundings" Don't be. Shoot, experiment, be creative.

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