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Only after a period of time I first came here, I found gradually in DT that it doesn’t focus much on “photograph masterpiece” but more sort of on the useful “picture materials”. At the same time, realize that my outdoor photo flash has been kept unused for a quite long time, which was bought before mainly using for shooting models, perhaps it can be put into use now for shooting some still life materials.

So found some sketch paper left many years ago when charcoal drawing, One large sheet of it, putting on the table as the background and then set up my shooting light. That’s it! My "mini photo studio" came out. I shot all the possible stuffs which can be shot and it’s really with a certain amount of effort. Anyway, it’s not bad and many of them had been successfully uploaded. Sometime the materials you shot need not to be so complex but just enough with some ideas. Hereby attach some of my achievement with effort in a weekend and also hope they can be in good sale^^

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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Congratulations! a home studio:)


--TO Fultonsphoto
thanks for your comments ^^


-TO Nniud
only 200 USD,you can own a home studio,i think^^


nice, I actually wanted to do something of the same. did you use one flash light only, or more? some other equipment, like white umbrellas, or is it enough to have a decent flash light and a white surface and background? help me man, or I'll risk to go to the photography market in Beijing and buy much more stuff than what I can afford!!!!!!!


Best of luck, I hope your efforts are well rewarded.

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