We move along and take pictures, as amateurs and professionals. Some enjoy the moment, while giving the content within the frame much thought, and others do it as a habit and such has currently become a trend.

Acting and believing the act, that's what photo making seems to be heading towards. The largest growing hobby due to ease of reach to equipment and their complementary enhancements ... now everyone is a photographer; how do i know i'm good at it? well i get likes and shares :). A photo with a bit of effects would become a masterpiece and hey, i'm a photographer.

You truly can be though; honesty and transparency to what you're trying to present. like that of true talking and listening instead of placing generic words next to each other to form our everyday predictable sentences that end with a "take care", "ciao", "see you", "cheers" or "enjoy" ...

Its not that there are several ways to take pictures and that's it, not a selfie with a tongue, a kiss or both; not an oblique horizon just because someone does it; not a snap of a place where everybody takes in the same exact way ... not a preconceived perception of how it should be taken. All becomes a lie to what you truly wish to present; just because its done that way doesn't mean its the only way ...

Present it the way you want to because you hold that moment, its you who wants to speak using your own tongue ... not somebody else's. Saying that, one may start to experiment with ways ... and through that, attaining picture taking skills one step at a time :)

Father and son holding hands at sunset sea

Photo credits: Nadezhda1906.
Ghassan Safi
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  • Eternalfour
  • Mansourieh, Lebanon
I hike a lot, I traveled a lot and so did my camera. Nature takes my time and covers my white empty walls.
Apart from Nature shots; I also work on 3D stills in addition to 2D illustrations with minor pictures from here and there.
Regarding nature shots, I hope they do cover your walls and further enrich your senses with more understanding to the world we live in.

I'm one of Dreamstime's remote editors.

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April 10, 2018

Very well said. So many people don't live in the moment, and whenever I see a location described as a photo-opportunity I want to scream.Photography is so much more than snapshots with phones.


August 17, 2017

I enjoy seeing the amazing stories people tell through photos. Thanks for sharing.


August 16, 2017

Very nice portfolio.