HOORAY 100 Images selected, but no sales :0(

Well, finally I have broken the over 100 accepted images and not bad considering the criteria and standard required before an image is selected, and to boot the image is of my son. However, what I really need to consider is how to break the 1 sale barrier, my ego is starting to beat me to death over this and every image I send in I say to myself, this has to get some sort of positive response, and who knows, this may be the one that actually generates some sales, alas tis not to be as yet. But Take heart, I will not give up, this has made me look long and hard at what I may be doing wrong, and in a way review my technique and or subject matter, hence the latest addition of some studio work, which I really don’t feel are my strong points, but then again I have never really given these subject matter much time and effort, I can only improve, right? That said, anyone that may actually read this and has any tips and or advise on what I may be doing wrong or how I can improve technique, type of image or whatever (be nice) advice please feel free to share this with me. Oh well, back to uploads, I am sure the next image will do the trick...

Photo credits: Fultonsphoto.

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Hey Chris, thanks for the comments and information. I am sure they will pick up and am getting used to the fact that exposure in here is the key, what I dont know is what is more or less an norm for acceptance ratio, do you have any idea?


I had a look at your portfolio, and all you have to do is be patient, sales will come. For some reason sales pick up after a few months at DT. As your portfolio grows, so does your exposure, and soon you will see how sales rise. Just one hint, see to it that your accentance rate is kept up, it place a role in where your photos are placed in the search algorithm.


Hello, Fultonsphoto! One hint: designers often once, or just laziness clean background to the photos. Try to do it for them himself. They will tell you, thank you very much!))) Cool photos!


Hi Maya,

Thanks and I also agree with you, but I also beleive that the digital age has changed that. If I look at the truly great professional photographers, although versed in many aspects of photography, they stuck to what they were really good at, and made their names by doing so, besides, the digital age makes things a whole lot different, in the past experimentation was more costly so why not make sure that what you take, and ultimately pay for to develop etc is good. Yes, a true professional will take almost any situation in photography and make a great result of it, but how many in history really did that once they had found their niche? I will definately try diversifying and would like to take on the challenge of the assignments section in order to really test this diversity. Speaking of the assignments, when I have a look the last assignment was September, does anyone know when the next one is and what the theme is, maybe I am looking in the wrong place?


Fultonsphoto, you are sooo right.... it's way much fun to focus on your true heart desires.... and it mostly shows in the final outcome.... but... a wise professional photographer (my mentor) once told me: "the difference between a pro to an amateur is the ability to do a great job on every assignment theme, disregarding your true feeling about the subject..."
so, i'm trying to LOL
i wish you most of luck with your sales and btw - great wildlife photos you got there !



Thanks for the comments, and to a point I agree with you. I have looked around at the types of images that sell well on DT and will try and increase my subject matter, however, my passion is still wildlife/animals so for me these will always be the majority of my submissions. It makes sense for me to rather take a semi decent photo of something you really enjoy doing - for me it is the location of where I take the images - as well as the subject itself, than go out and take loads of images of things you dont enjoy and producing less desirable images. It is a compromise, and I have reaslised that to really sell there has to be a varied portfolio, which I will in time hopefully produce, but till then I have to submit what I feel are the better of my images, these are animals. I definately need to improve on my studio work, which I hope to do in the near future with my first light table. Watch this space, my first level 5 image is around the corner :0)


Animal images do not sell well. Do not focus too much on animals. Try to take human, objects, landscape, architecture. Dreamstime is over saturated with animal images.


Howzit Patrick, thanks bud, am working on the different types of images, the only problem I have is the recent transformation to digital so not that many images in this format yet, for some reason I kept to slide and print film longer that most people and have variety in these formats but the quality when scanned is not that good so dont even try download these any more. Thanks for the advice, will be working hard, and playing harder to get some variety images online.


Heya Dude …
I've had a quick look at your portfolio …
Some good looking images …
My subjective opinion … perhaps too many many images of the same subject …
Diversity will increase sales potential.
Keep up the good work — my fellow countryman …


I think your photos are wonderful and I can't wait to see more. You have been on DT such a short time and already have over 100 photos accepted...I am jealous! I have been on longer and have really seen my photos sell over time...be patient and keep uploading!


You opened the account just two months ago!!
I m not a great seller but i understood that it takes time
(few months) before you start selling constantly.
Besides animal shots do not sell very well.
Good Luck!


This despondency is difficult to deal with isn't it. How do you get your work onto the desks of those who might buy? Looking through other people's portfolios I have not been able to work out what the key is yet. Some people must just have the eyes of the buyers and we lowly beginners will either discover the way forward and move on or fall by the wayside full of despair - there has to be an analogy in John Bunyan's work somewhere!


Hi there, thanks for the comments they are appreciated. And I do agree, but I have been a die hard print and slide film photographer and only recently converted to digital systems so have not had time to build up enough of a portfolio in this medium and all my print scans get rejected due to quality issues which is understandable. I will hopefully over the coming months show a variety of shots, and this will then generate sales, I am not disheartened yet :0) You have some amazing images, not surprised you have the sales, keep it up and hope there are loads more sales in the future.


There u go another sale!!! I looked through your photos and they are really good. Though I feel you need more of a variety of shots. But who am I to be compaired to? I only have 78 photos, though i have hav over 100 sales.


Hi, thanks for the message, gives me some hope :0) I need to learn the kind of images you present in your portfolio, it seems a good way to go and generates loads of sales as can be seen in your and others portfolios. Is there a course or any particular literature you could recommend to guide me in this direction?


Thanks Telecast (sorry dont know your real name), much appreciated and I am sure they will come, EVENTUALLY!!! You have some amazing images yourself, please tell me how you got the fly in image 6991442 to stay still, very good...


Congratulations on having your first 100 images accepted and on your first sale. I looked at your portfolio and you have some wonderful animal shots. Just be patient, the sales will come, just keep uploading, but most of all, enjoy what you are doing. You're off to a great start. Good luck.


Thanks Telecast (sorry dont know your real name), much appreciated and I am sure they will come, EVENTUALLY!!! You have some amazing images yourself, please tell me how you got the fly in image 6991442 to stay still, very good...


Congratulations on reaching 100 accepted images! You have some fantastic images, and sales will definitely come! Keep uploading and don't worry if you have to wait awhile for views and sales to pick up. Most images take several weeks to start selling.


Thanks very much, it is appreciated :0) And I read the article about cropping on one of the other message boards, makes for useful advice, I may be guilty of trying to fill the frame with image and no room for editing or adding etc... Thanks again...


Congratulations on your first sale! Your baby elephant photo was too cute for me to resist, and so I used one of the credits I earned from writing a blog. Have a great day! :)

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