Hoping to attract my first buyers!!

I guess it’s nice to begin by saying “hello” to those who are “older” than I am on DT, but also to those “my age” … “newborns” on DT … contributors that hope to make their first sale … so … Hello everyone!!

As you can easily see I’ve opened recently an account on DT and this month I started uploading some of my pictures. I found this blog area and I though I’d write my first article with the intention of making me a little bit known and hopefully popular among the potential buyers that might read this few lines and be curious about my work.

Fair to say then, that the purpose of this article is to find my first buyer(s) :)) !

For the entire portfolio (uploaded so far) click here ! Keep watching me these days cause I have lots more in pending that you might find interesting work!

Thank you for your attention and feel free to share your thoughts on my work: advice and critics!

Photo credits: Andra Mohorea.


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November 06, 2009


Nice port, congratulations on your first sale

November 06, 2009


Nice portfolio Andra. If you continue like 170 uploads/mo then in one single year you'll have 2000 and that's huge. Welcome and Keep it up!

November 06, 2009


Hello, Andra! Beautiful photos!

November 06, 2009


Hi and welcome to DT. Your PF looks good, sure it wont be too long before you get some sales.

November 05, 2009


Welcome to DT and congratulations on your first sale! :0)

November 05, 2009


Wonderful portfolio, I especially like the Venetian masks and the interesting perspective of some of your shots. Nice work and welcome to DT.

November 05, 2009


Hey Andra! Great portfolio congratulations your first sale :)
Creativei you've chosen a cute one ;)

November 05, 2009


Hi Andra, You'll do just fine. Your photos are awesome and of great quality. I'm sure you'll get your first sale soon, and you will do VERY well here at DT.

November 05, 2009


Yes 170 images in 5 days ? Yesterday I was unable to upload 5 images all day . What a puzzle. Your quality must be incredible or you must know someone in admin !!!!!!! just joking. David.

November 05, 2009


Don't worry first sale,,,, it will happen very soon, or should I say it just happened.
One month and 174 images, great speed, it took me two years to upload that number.
Good luck and wish you lots of sale.

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