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horrible vacation!

From where to start?

First I went to rest on a mountain with my wife and our close friends, but there I didn't find peace, because every day something was happening. Our benzine flow out, then the gas-bracket cut off, so when we finally find a place about our tents and we want to rest that night we can not sleep because we heard some reeling and we thought that are wolfs, so that night we spent in car. The other day we went to the closest city to fix the car, but one we fixed, and another has broken.

We didn't know what to do there more, so we decided to pack.

After few days at home, I broke my finger on my leg so I had to stay at home for 2 weeks. But in meanwhile, when I have better, I was returning home form church with my wife and we fall from our motorcycle.( it wasn't our foul). Thanks God nothing seriously happened, just some scratches.

And today I start at work!

What's your story?

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August 15, 2007


Sometimes nothing happenend. An other time all the bad things come together. This year we were in Iceland with our own car. The first day I had a little crasg with an other car. Later we have a tyre-brush and we could not find a new spare tyre. A week later we get a stone to our windscreen and we have a crack in the windscreen. At the end of the holiday two zoom lenses were defect and did not longer work.
But we have had a great holiday in Iceland.
Greetings Ed

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