Horse Stance

While keywording my new image recently I realized that though I have been learning English all the years in my school and college, using it almost everyday I couldn't come up with a single word that can define the action of the horse in this image. I was riding this horse in my holidays and made it stand on its two legs. There for sure will be a word to describe this position or stance of the horse which I couldn't find.

Different positions of horses are very interesting like in these images too, where the horses belong to some warriors in an attacking mode, but obviously there wont be special words to describe the stance of the horse in these pictures.

I guess this is where submitting an image for keywording can really help!



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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August 26, 2007


You bet! People from that particular field or even people who are just something like an english dictionary are great with these things. I have a friend who is what I would call an English dictionary. He is busy at the moment. He has promised me to keyword my images for free when he will be free, and that too without spam as he has been in the data entry field for years.

August 26, 2007


I know what you mean! There are some images where words just esape us, for one reason or another. I love the new keywording feature! I still try to keyword as many of my images as I can on my own, but there will always be some difficult images. I just uploaded some photographs of construction equipment. The only keywords I could come up with were descriptive colors, and "construction equipment." I have had them sitting in my unfinished section for a couple of days, actually, trying to think up more keywords. But, I am not familiar enough with the subject,or I'm just not in the zone the last few days! I finally submitted them this afternoon using the keywording program.

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