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The heat is killing me...My computer is getting hot, I can not work on it and always have to make breaks. I know summer is fantastic, but a cool

breeze would be great or a little thunderstorm which cools the air....

What about you? How do you deal with the heat?

Photo credits: Ewa Mazur, Mariaam, Mitch1921.

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August 18, 2010


yes, it's the same over here. seems like I find summer a bit unbearable these days. not sure if it's the humidity or the ozone , or just that I am getting a bit closer to my age for masculine "hot flushes", lol. (just kidding).
but yes, it is getting too hot for most of our liking. what are they doing to Mother Nature.

July 05, 2010


Am in center Italy and it's 0.33 AM. I should be working with PS and LR, but i can barely breath... I think i'll head bed and face my work tomorrow night :)

July 05, 2010


In North India we at last got some good rain yesterday.....after a month of hot 46 degrees...

July 05, 2010


@Thanatonautii I heard about the floods in Romania. Awful! What a horror for the people. :(

July 04, 2010


In Romania we have floods! It`s raining almost non-stop for a month now in most of the places in these country! It`s pretty sad, and I`m not thinking about the fact that I don`t have sun for photos, but I`m thinking that 22 people died in 4 days and our president is asking the people why did they build their houses so close to the rivers... That`s stupid!
Anyway I hope will have some sun above our country soon! :)

July 04, 2010


Cool it! Switch off your machine, take a fresh drink & enjoy some water activities! Nights are marvelous for working on machines! That's what I try to do within the possible :)))

July 04, 2010


Oh no, the heat is making us all crazy... Thanks for all the great comments and tips. To open all the windows is a good solution. Today I just stayed outside, but in a shady place! I also drank a lot of water. The best time is the evening, when heat is not so strong anymore. And the night is also air!!! :)

July 04, 2010


We are in for a 7 day heat wave in NYC so I can relate! Great illustrations!

July 04, 2010


Oh, everyone suffer from heat, I see, all over the world. We have about 40 degrees Celsius in our city (Ufa, Russian Federation). No rain, too :( When will this end...

July 04, 2010


The heat is killing me too. I'm in Germany and yesterday we had 35°C. Lucky us, the temperatures decreased to 27°C today! Still it is too hot for me. I'm a winter person. I prefer protecting me from the cold rather than being exposed to heat. They predicted rain for today. But there was no rain. At least not here in Hamburg. Or I missed it...

July 04, 2010


Yep we have had very HOT weather here also.Yesterday was great.I opened all my windows and aired out my house.But back to HOT today.I will stay inside!!!LOL.Love your work

July 04, 2010


Its so hot here in Florida, 95+humidity, that I try to get all my outside work, cars grass pool etc, BEFORE the sun come up. Even the pool is hot. Then I retire to the a/c until the sun goes back down.

July 04, 2010


Here it's very hot too!!! My family and I went to shopping in the morning... but now we're relaxing inside home with air cond.! I've been drawing a new illustration... Happy sunday to everybody ;)

July 04, 2010


Where I live one month ago we were suffering of very hot conditions, a week ago our rainy season started so the temperature is marvelous now. I hope you get a thunderstorm soon.

July 04, 2010


your computer need a strong cpu fan

July 04, 2010


Hot in London too, but windy!

July 04, 2010


My friend, I am here in Spain and the temperature is climbing happily over the 30 degrees C. mark, I try to close windows, open windows but heat is heat! Let´s be patient..But see, the heat is inspiring you!!! super illustrations!

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