How About Abstract Style Photoes

Recently, I had uploaded many photoes in abstract style to DT. These are almost suitable for background.

After a certain anxious waiting period, two ones were accepted as well as the others refused.

The case made me do some further think about the abstract photoes in DT.

In general, editors use them for backgrounds of front or other pages. These are frequently used by some other mediums too. The effections are special attractive. Of course, higher qualities and more commercial potentials must be involved in. So, a great deal amount of this kind of photoes are demanded.

According to this view of point, I tried and uploaded the photoes. But the refusing frustrated me.

How about the abstract style pohotoes in DT?

Dear readers, would you mind giving your opinions about this subject for share.

Photo credits: Buford Wong.

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November 17, 2008


I definitely share your point of view.. these abstract pics are amazing !!!
i, too, a bit frustrated from refusal on several abstract images of mine...

November 17, 2008


I can imagine that the only abstracts that would work in here are the ones that can effectively be used as background on a PC. To do that, soft colors, low saturations and big, sweeping curved lines are what works the best.

While I really like the images you put above, I have doubts that they will sell a lot.

November 17, 2008


Well even I have so many abstracts, but my acceptance ration was 100 percent, I uploaded them so I can make those downloads as free, but all them got approved, but belive me I had only two downloads, so im waiting for the one year mark so I can give them all free. It doesnt sell normally. but yeah if its vector graphics it does. Anyways good luck

November 17, 2008


I like that point of view! I have a lot of abstract works on my PC but I think they won't work on stock sites! They are really beautiful but they don't have commercial value. Maybe they will work fine for an exhibition. I may think on that!
I wish you luck with those two! I like the second one!


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