How beautiful to photograph architecture with a river?

Good photographers sometimes take pictures of beautiful buildings, a river flows in front of the building and the building is beautifully reflected in it, something like this.

Hungarian Parliament Building at night with reflection in Danube river, Budapest, Hungary

How do they do it?

Of course, I don’t know all the details of the process, but I exposed their method and it turned out to be very simple. You can divide it into two parts:

1. To photograph a building or something else, I captured a forest with a river such as it should be, an example below

Small forest

As you can see on the waves of the river, the reflection of the forest is very bad, the photo is generally not beautiful, so we will move on to the next part.

2. And so we need one computer and one photoshop. Yes, and in 2018 there is still no full-fledged program on the tablet, but if in the future you have something good, then you need one tablet and one program that I mentioned above (enough to advertise it, they don’t pay me) items:

First we need to separate the water and cut it on a new layer, then hide the layer. The second we need to select the object, if you need something and the sky, which you need to reflect and copy to a new layer. The next item is to reflect the selected object vertically and place it in the back, and a layer of water on the front. If between the main object and its future reflection there is a void, it should be sealed at your discretion. Go to the layer with water, if you need to replace the water with some one without waves, or fill it with some suitable color, then make the layer transparency at your discretion. I think professional photographers do something like this.

I did it on my photo with the forest and this is what happened, of course I did not take into account many things, but all this comes with experience, and the main thing is having good imagination.

A small forest behind the river

Photo credits: Hourly, Mistervlad.

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December 03, 2018


Great tip. Thanks for sharing! William

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