How can i find my selled images on internet? - Dreamstime

I searched for my online picture but i didn't find anything.

I was tryed with , with name@dreamstime

I selled just 16 images, maybe this is the reason.

Tell me your secret...How do you find your images?


Photo credits: IshootRAW.

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August 10, 2012


Google images is good not only for finding images which you sold, but also for spotting your images being used with a watermark (i.e. illegally). I have checked maybe 10 of my best selling photos and I found one such a case (already reported)...

August 10, 2012


Lejoch this site is in partnerships with dreamstime, they sell your photos.

August 10, 2012


I tryed but I found 2 of my shots on this site : what is it?

August 06, 2012


I Google my name+ a copyright symbol or the word "copyright". It can be hard though to find your images as many are used for print. I've found about a dozen pics which is a drop in the bucket!
Good luck!

August 06, 2012


Read other blogs on here on how to do it. you need to be dragging and dropping images into the new Google images search bar. A few sales will make it hard to find anything as they may not be used online. Good luck :)

August 05, 2012


They might not have been used yet. They might have been used off line - in a business presentation for example. They might be used within a larger design or as an element of a larger piece. They might be used for something that doesn't get released for months. They might never get used if the buyer changed there mind etc. Lots of possibilities. Even when we look, we only find a fraction of the sales.

August 04, 2012



August 04, 2012


I use google images so i think it's just that you haven't sold that many until now. I have only found about 5 of mine so with more sales you will find them. :)

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