How can we improve customer satisfaction?

A couple of days ago the picture below was sold. By now it has been sold 5 times. So, I started to wonder "who is interested in a picture like that?".

As a contributor we know very little about the buyers (only via sales). At the same time the whole collection of searches done by buyers contains a lot of relevant information. There exist data mining algorithms that reveal that kind of information. It would be nice if contributors would know about this. It would create a win-win situation for the buyers (one-stop shop), the contributors (more sales), and Dreamstime (more sales and better customer satisfaction). In this blog more about this.

Dreamstime started with sharing Trending Searches. This is a very good start!

Water reservoir

Photo credits: Peter Apers.

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Nice landscape!


Thanks for your comment.
Many companies realize that their data contains knowledge which is important for their future. Furthermore, sharing this knowledge makes our community stronger and therefore more attractive for our customers.


I think it is a good thing too that DT started doing the keywords searched by buyey. It allows me to understand what someone is looking for and like you said makes a win-win situation because then we (as contributers) feel good that we are providing someone with an image so keyed on what they searched. Not only that but it also makes us feel good that the keywords that we plugged in were accurate and that that image is getting traffic.

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