How can we increase production?

Over the past nearly six months, and I do not have a long pass a lot of photos, believe their work have taken up a lot of time. But I found a lot of friends there are quite a remarkable production, and has a high downloads Are they all professional photographers? Also, I still had not fully aware of the Dreamstime editors like what kind of pictures, and sometimes feel that there's no hope but the adoption of the picture, and sometimes very hopeful picture but was refused. Matter sorted out, I have no friends share experiences in this regard point, extremely grateful.

Photo credits: Chen Li.


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January 11, 2010


Well I have some thoughts about that. And my a few months experience tells me that every agency cares different criteria.

However there are basic ones you have to care. Like isolating on a white background , cleaning spots , reducing noise and so on..

Find a concept. A portrait might be very meaningful or very dull. It depends !

Dont be disappointed. I feel the same but keep on working and working.

Good luck

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