How is the Credit Crisis Affecting your revenue?

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At the end of October 2008 when the Credit Crisis was showing it's affect on the economy, people were leaning to the US dollar as a safe haven at that time. And if you live out of the US, the currency exchange worked in your favour because each dollar earned in dreamstime had a good conversion to your own country's currency. It was definitely a good time to cash out at that time and I wrote a blog about that. Increasing Your Earnings Today Instantly. Here's how.

Oh, how fast things have changed. As the US deficit runs deeper and deeper, the US currency is no longer looked as a safe haven. And there are fears of inflation. US dollar slumps - article from the Globe and Mail One day swings in currency trade is astonishing that was seen just the Friday that has past.

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As the US dollar grows weaker, so does your revenue after conversion back to your home currency. So now the question is do you cash out in fear that the US dollar will still grow weaker or do you wait for a US dollar recover? Definitely a hard decision to make with the volatility in today's economy. Please let me know what you think.

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Hey Fultonsphoto. You're getting close, keep uploading.


I would wait to


I still need to get my first 100, so hopefully it will have recovered by then :0)


Sounds like waiting is best from others. Thanks for your comments.


same - as Billysiew...

I'll wait :>


No Risk No Glory!
I will wait also...



I will wait for US dollar recover..

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