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Google the search engine giant is known around the world for its most well known services in its platform like Android OS, Smartphones, tablets, search engine services and many more.

According recent research carried out around the world, the percentage of smartphone users using android OS has almost doubled over last five years, and this has resulted because of Google policy of introducing most advanced and innovative features has earned Google great fame.

Google recently held its annual developer conference focused Google I / O to announce some updates and news. The conference began the same way in recent years, in conversation with Google about the growth of Android last year.

According to Android App Developers New York and the senior vice president of Google, Sundar Pichai, Android has now 1000000000, 30-day active users on the platform.

This year's fall conference developing smartphones to the market, the new interface for multi-user platform (known as the material conception), the next version of Android with its G Developer Preview, Android clothing, car Android, Android TV, Android for Work, Fit Google cloud Google and more.

According to Google, "less than 10% of the population has access to a smartphone." The company aims to change that statistic with the introduction of Android-One, the standard for affordable equipment. An Android guidelines help with the cost and time required to quickly cut an affordable smartphone.

Manufacturers like Micromax and Karbonn are the first set of equipment for India Who will start at less than $ 100 for the job.

The big thing to note is Opaque Google Android allows you to dictate the minimum hardware requirements for manufacturers around the world to create smartphones to market development. This will ensure that the devices meet the minimum requirements, which, in order to obtain, as most mobile phones now people around the world.

In the talk, Google unveiled the next version of Android with its Developer Preview. The next version will be more than 5,000 new APIs and focus on form factors of mobile phone. The new interface design presents the material design that is the queue, mobile, tablet, desktop, and also to cover too. With design material Google has created a consistent set of design guidelines and tools to make customized, grids and color changes typography.

The display also improved notifications and context-based authentication features, plus the new Android Pack Opaque Extension is to support 3D graphics. In demonstration of the new authentication method, the user can use the clock to unlock the phone and when the clock is removed, the phone is protected with a code.

Android most popular system

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