How did you come here?

Well..first i heard about stock web sites where people sell images prolly 2 years ago..i tho this all is just a big "lie". I mean i tho that this system doesnt work like its impossible to earn money from selling images on stock sites but then i dont remember who...somebody told me about dreamstime...i registered and so here i am..and btw i changed my mind about stock sites..

so how did you come to dreamstime???

Photo credits: Andreygorlov.


find how out

Your article must be written in English

June 22, 2009


I still think it's a big lie ;)))

June 19, 2009


I am a graphic designer by trade and have used DT for my companies work so when I got my D60 I thought why not submit and see if I can make a few extra $$$

June 19, 2009


I started with stock photography through a friend.

June 19, 2009


Searching google for solar energy photos led me to DT! I didn't buy simply because my client took photos for his work after, so I put them in his site!
And guess what! I'm stuck here... I can not pass a day with out passing by for a while...
I like your subject btw!
Cheers :)

June 19, 2009


A friend, whose company specializes in web design and graphic art, suggested I submit a few photos. Until then I had no concept of stock photography and only took photos for fun. I continue taking photos for personal enjoyment, however now I get paid as well! It’s a fabulous world!

June 19, 2009


I started noticing a lot of stock photo credits while flipping through in flight magazines and figured there had to be something to it...

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