How did you start with stocks?

I was reading other members' articles here and an idea came to my mind: how all of you began working with stocks? I know that many of us are not professional photographers or illustrators, and we have various kinds of education and professions. What was the starting point for you to come to a stock with your works? Who told you about them? When was it? And what were your first images uploaded? I'll be very glad if you tell me your interesting stories =).

Well, if I start this topic, I have to begin with myself.

As you can read in my Bio, actually I'm a Teacher of English and French. I graduated from a Teacher Training Institute, and worked at school teaching children the English language. Afterwards I worked at college and taught students the same subject. I liked my job though it wasn't paid enough (it's a common problem in our country). But I didn't want to change my job.

But the birth of a child changed my life greatly.

I was presented with my first digital camera, and I was extremely happy I could take pictures of my baby. I had to stay at home for 2 years, and I started studying Photoshop to postprocess my pictures. Then I found a photographer who shoot weddings, and started helping her retouch photos and make wedding collages. And afterwards I even managed to find a job in a magazine - I work as a color corrector and a retoucher.

I finally bought a good digital camera, and began taking pictures for the magazines I work for. That's how I learnt about different stocks, and began working with them.

I'm very happy now I have an interesting job and I can do what is really interesting for me. =)

Your article must be written in English



I'm glad you noticed my article and found time to answer :). It's always interesting to know who is who ;)


Well Natie, I am not a photographer per se, but I am a teacher of English and French....for 4 years now. I have sort of given up my regular job to work in a field that is quite appealing and interesting. I am still learning a lot of things....Anyway, good luck with your work.


Long back I took a picture of an Indian cow eating loads of fish. A rare moment which shook the hindu religion foundation. Newspapers scrammed to get a hold of that image, asking me to show others. They showed tremendous interest in my photography even when well established photographers or teachers didn't find it impressive. When I understood that the demand of the market is different than what traditional photographers click, I understood that I could earn good from images.

I was very unclear about the stock world. I used to visit corbis even when I was not a photographer. I wrote them mails asking what it takes to be their photographer and was shocked by the requirements. Later while searching on google, I ended on a few stock sites and the first one was DT. :)


Hobbyink, I quit teaching children English because photogrphy and retouching are more interesting for me at the moment, that's exactly what I want to do =). As for Photoshop classes - I write and post tutorials on some forums, but they are on Russian. May be, if someone asks, I'll certainly tell everyone how I do this or that ;)


For my personal story on how I got into stock photography, read my blog article "Recognition." That is what got me jump started.
But how did I get into stock photography instead of something else? Curiosity, mainly. I heard about stock photography, but was confused as to what it really was. I spent months researching it (I'm really thorough, almost anal about those kinds of things!). Once I learned the ins and outs of it, I was intrigued. I hunted down literally hundreds of stock agencies, some of which I never heard back from (I concluded I didn't want to work with them, obviously). I ran across a Dreamstime ad in a photography magazine, and here I am. :)


That's a wonderful story! And it sounds like everything just started falling into place for you. It's always a great joy when we can do what we want to do, and get paid for it. :) Do you still teach at all, or are you soley with the magazine agency now? With your story, it might be neat to teach a class on photography or postprocessing.


For me I only seriously started getting into photography when digital came along. I started looking at it as something more than just trying to eternalize (does such a word exist) a passing moment. I started a photo club. But in the end I wanted to get some feedback on the pictures I was taking from the pros. And so I discovered stock. Though I have to admit this experience has led to somewhat mixed feelings, since stock is mainly concerned with the commercial aspects... and though I have learnt a lot, I am still at times at odds with the concept, because in the I don't have the resources to take these type of images all the time. And sometimes I find myself thinking that the technical aspects are secondary to the emotions or feelings a picture can evoke. That's just me though and what I am trying to do with my photography, in the end I do know that this is not going to be what I will make money out of... it is simply a pleasure to do this and share with my loved ones. Anything, I get out of stock is a sweet little bonus.

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