How Do We Communicate

Another interesting video on Steven Pinker talks about how the words we use express the workings of our minds.

Steven Pinker: The stuff of thought

Photo credits: Sebastian Kaulitzki.

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I am a very enthusiastic speaker in my own field so I know what you mean. With every course and lecture I get the feeling that I am bewitching my listeners :P. But this is also because I love life and you :). I was not wrong about you see?????????:) So, don't get me started talking about something I like cause my friends know the drill....they sit and smile dumb and motionless while I lecture and speak and speak. I am also very veryyyyyyyy entangled in language and I have studied a lot of linguistics. If I ever use "weapons" in interactions, they would be most likely related to language: connotation, denotation, metaphor and favourite "guns"! Never decide which one to choose. So I fire them all!:P My poor colleagues are baffled day after day.....And I can perfectly understand them. But shhhhhhh, you are the only one who knows.......and whoever reads this comment :))


I love that kind of themes. Especially everything that is conected with our human being, how we react and ctr.


LOL... I know.
I love TED Talks. There's so many surprising thoughts and different ways of seeing things in life. I love, that speakers are the enthusiasts of their fields of study, no matter what it is - languages, biology, physics, photography, music, dance... whatever. And their enthusiasm makes me want to know more about... let's say everyhing in life. Life is beautiful! :)


Well Maigi, wonderful lecture! this is why I love English language.
It is so full of meanings, we always say more than we really utter.
PS. And this is not "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" :)

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