How do you mark SPAM in blogs?

How can you mark/report spam blog post, when you see it?

I really wonder, why there is no option in posts to mark it as a spam. We have options to share, to email to friend ....

Why do I ask this question? Well, I just opened new article "Seo" from another member (don't want to name), who has of course no uploads, no purchases, just a message post .... and this is clearly SPAM. A few words, someone else's picture and link to outside website. Of course, I didn't like it, so I wanted to report it. But how?

Then I wondered, will admins take it down, once they read it or will it stay on or is there a way to report it?

Spam is so annoying. I spend lots of time to delete it on my wordpress based blog. When you have enabled comments, have a forum ... it's always a question, what to do about spam. Especially, when most of it nowadays lack the human, but it's done by powerful software ...

What do you think about it?

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March 12, 2012


When you write a blog, and you go to your own blog after every message there is an option to report it as a spam. So for the person who wrote the blog is really easy to report spam messages.

March 12, 2012


Looks like editors are going through the blogs.... About 4 hours later, the post I mentioned had disappeared :) I guess, there is a screening process in place, so all I need is just more patience :)

March 12, 2012


Just report on admins... they work faster :)

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