How do you remember all of the specific places you have captured?

I have the perfect and i think easiest solution to this question.

As many of us take lot's of pictures and then have to sort through them, it is important that we capture the specific details of our photo shoots.

For example, i have traveled to many places within China in a short period of time so it's hard to remember the names of everything i have taken pictures of which are needed for keywording correctly later when the images are finally uploaded. Since being in China i have taken over 20,000 images so you can see my dilemma.

To help with this issue, i will take pictures of signs with the names of the attraction, view, building, etc. This will allow me later to correctly keyword my pictures which will help a customer find my images. The picture of the sign will also be grouped together with the set of pictures taken of the subject matter.

Some may say writing down the locations will also help with this, and maybe it will but having a picture of a sign along with the specific images is, in my opinion, easier than writing it down with no picture to reference.

The picture below is an example of an image that i took a picture of the temple sign before entering it. This helped me later to correctly keyword the specific temple name and location while leading to a sale.

Fayu Temple Entrance

Whether you adopt this suggestion is entirely up to you and will depend on the number of pictures you take and upload. happy shooting!

Photo credits: Tempestz.

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September 29, 2015


thanks for the advise

September 28, 2015


I often take pictures of signs to jog my memory about locations as well.

September 24, 2015


Taking photos of signs - place names, names of plants, animals, etc - can be a huge help later on. I write notes too but find having the signs in with my images themselves to be very helpful when I'm keywording. I also sometimes take a photo with my iPhone since that will give me GPS coordinates. Then I'll upload those photos with the ones from my cameras.

September 24, 2015


I am going to India soon. Your blog and comments of others will be a great help. Best wishes

September 24, 2015


Very nice picture the first. The question you said is not a question for me then. I will save them in the files which was marked the location and I like to write travel notes too. This is another way to remember it.

September 24, 2015


thank you Marcociannarel

September 24, 2015


Hi Maryrosemarapia

thank you for the comments. your solution does work if you only take a few dozen pictures at a time of one subject. however, as an example over that last 4 weeks i have taken about 4000 pictures of many different views within China and unfortunately i have a full time job that prevents me from dedicating the time needed to process 4000 pictures quickly. by the time i get through the pictures i will have already taken more pictures and these will continue to add up.

All of my pictures are downloaded based on a date which i then separate into various folders. within each download date those pictures that i feel are stock worthy and may benefit from post processing are separated again. All of my pictures are then placed onto two portable hard drives for archiving and back-up. I consider myself a little anal retentive. :-)

I do wish there were more ways to find out how some customers are finding our pictures. Many times i will have a sale which has not been searched. you mentioned the map location, i wonder how many customers use this tool?

thank you again for the suggestion and kind words.

September 24, 2015


Hi Tempestz
I think the only solutions of your problem is ' Be Organise' you doing right by taking some signs. One thing you should do too is upload your image quickly when you got home in a daily basis, put a name group of the file so before you edit you know exactly where is taken. Just select and drag.

DT has special map location detection, don't forget to tag as well.

I hope it helps. Wish you all the Best!

September 24, 2015


Wonderful picture :-)

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