How do you save your picture?

Computer's hard disk is also limited after all, But our image is getting bigger and bigger, more and more...How do you save

your picture?

Make our picture into the CD?I do not know how long it can keep...Perhaps Mobile harddisk is one solution, but its cost should be much high. I want to know whether there are other methods.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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Three drives (80GB+160GB+320GB)...

Hi,Hot99:) That's great!


Three drives (80GB+160GB+320GB) in my computer.


Thanks a lot:)
A hard disk (500G), Very big hard disk!


hard disk (500G) and DVD,Double backup


If you're in favor of JPEG then DVDs can still be OK. But if you have RAWs, then a HDD will be of easier use.
Thanks Pradi:) I agree with your opinion!


It depends on what file type you're using as well: If you're in favor of JPEG then DVDs can still be OK. But if you have RAWs, then a HDD will be of easier use.

Ideal is a RAID-1 storage (a device with 2 identical disks in it) of whatever size (160GB to 1TB per disk). This is a mirroring system, which mean that you automatically have a backup on the 2nd disk when you write something on the 1st disk. Since these devices have network connections and since the mirroring is controlled at hardware level, the speed it huge compared to external USB drives.


Thank you:)my friends Creativei and Fultonsphoto.
I store my images with Mobile harddisk now. Therefore, I have bought several 250G Mobile harddisk.


Well I have all the images in my external hard drive, I have two tera byte hard drive, which is much easier to store, and i use Good Sync to auto update all the changes from two folders, Well I never take CD or DVD, its actually a waste of time and money. But ultimately its your choice. Sorry if I sound rude, but yeah atleast I consider them as waste.


Hi, external hard drive, with regular backups to DVD x2, just for in case. Actually, now that you mention it, I spend more per photo backup than I do for what I make up on sales :0)


Thanks a lot for your reply,I thought that regardless of uses any way to save your image, the security is most important.


Two drives (500GB) in my computer that every new photo stored on (in additon to OS drive). DVD backup stored at separate location as well.


I save my images both on DVD and mobile harddisk.

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