How does one decide on a 'style'

Frosted crystals


I would be interested in hearing how other photographers have made 'that decision' what style of photography are you suited to and why.

Photo credits: Karen Fell.
  • Freedomphotos
  • Paihia, New Zealand
I am passionate about providing my viewers with a pleasing look at life through my lens.

If others can use, or get enjoyment from my photos, this is the best reward.

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December 12, 2009

Thanks all for your time and valuable advice. Its interesting to hear how others have made the decision and it helps heaps. Cheers Karen


December 11, 2009

My personal advice is , if you are interesting in stock photo then abstract yourself from your emotions. Practice is everything I suppose ...


December 11, 2009

Me personally i would like to try everything from objects,people, nature ...all.And i think each photographer have a personal style in making a photo.So practice everything and you will discover your style.


December 11, 2009

Mani is right - you should try everything, particularly as that lets you find out what you DON'T like. Sometimes what you do well may not be your fave subject matter. I also think style changes - in my younger days (ha!) I mainly photographed bands, doing both live and studio work for promotional material and single/album covers. I was very much into music so that worked great for me. Don't think I'd be interested in doing that now....I would much prefer to be taking wildlife/landscape photos (as Fulton says, they are evocative of good times). I think it's also important not to shoot purely for "stock", but to also take pictures of what you enjoy (but which you might not be so good at!). Style is a strange thing - each to their own.


December 11, 2009

i love portraiture especially kids and elderly people, also candid shots are great - i would photography anything and everything and learn as i go along - can't really say i've got a particular style yet :) just love taking pics and capturing the beauty and expressions around us


December 10, 2009

For me the answer is easy, Nature/Wildlife images are definitely my favorite because for me its not only about the images its what I was doing at the time of taking them and where I have been to do so. That said, these subjects are not the best selling images therefore one tries to adapt to "stock orientated" images in order to increase diversity of one's PF and hopefully also sales. As Maen said, there are loads of styles and if you have the time experiment with various subjects/topics, you may just find that you enjoy a particular style more than you ever thought you would.


December 10, 2009

Thanks Maen, the challenge is in presenting what I like in what I see, I guess practice, practice, practice is all that can improve that. It might be time to start reading some tutorials again to improve. Much appreciated


December 10, 2009

Hi there! It's you who take this decision! Check what you like most & see if you can show it by good photos! Sky is the limit... Don't put your self in a closed circle... Try everything & see which work you are doing better!
Try to catch the shots the way you like to see them!
That might sound a bit theory, but hey get your tools ready & it's DreamsTime! Cheers ;)