How Dreamstime is breathing new life into my photography

Several years ago, I used to sell my photography as prints. But the site I used is, long story short, dying. I put extra effort into promoting myself, upgraded my gear so I'd have an extra "edge" (I felt I had outgrown mine anyway), flew to Australia and pushed myself that extra mile in the field, but the stats kept plummeting and I became discouraged and demotivated.

Lamington National Park Waterfall

I tried signing up with other stock sites in the past, but they found every excuse to consistently reject my work time and time again.

Cockatoo in Autumn

Then I found Dreamstime. The site came highly recommended, so I posted a couple images just to see what would happen. Not only were they approved, but people bought them (although I didn't realise this until sometime after the fact. Lovely surprise!). I posted a few more. A couple more sales. Wow! Below is the first one I sold.

Dolphin Touch

I have started combing back through photos I otherwise hadn't bothered editing because "nobody cares". This image of Kyuquot sold about a week after being approved. I will be pulling my original prints down and posting the images here. I am also feeling more drive to seek out and take new images, too.

Kyuquot - orca at SeaWorld San Antonio

They say the fastest way for a photographer to earn money is to sell their camera. Thanks to Dreamstime, it looks like this student will hang on to hers a little bit longer ;) Now if you'll excuse me, the light outside is great...! *grabs camera and runs*

Sydney Opera House at Sunrise

Photo credits: Beth Baisch.

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May 27, 2016


It is nice reading an inspirational story. Thank you for sharing. I wish you good luck! There will be ups and downs on your journey with Dreamstime, so be realistic and patient, and keep those stars in your eyes:)

May 26, 2016



Great photos

May 18, 2016


Really very nice - each one of them. Congrats!

May 17, 2016


Great images Beth!
Go for many more :-)

May 10, 2016


You've made right choice and win!! Good luck with the best way

May 09, 2016


Beautiful photos and great story!

May 09, 2016


Really motivating...all the best for future!

May 09, 2016


Great story ! Your photos are very beautiful ! I too had a similar experience, Success !

May 07, 2016


Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

May 05, 2016


You have beautiful images; sharp,vivid and interesting! Good luck. I too had a similar experience and today I sold my 200th photo. Go #Dreamstime!

May 04, 2016


very nice pics , congratulations

May 04, 2016


You have lovely images, Beth. Keep up the great work and never give up!

May 04, 2016


Beautiful photos, thanks for the inspiration.

May 04, 2016


Your post is very encouraging.

May 04, 2016


Beautiful photos and no doubt lots more in your archives. Good luck with Dreamstime.

May 03, 2016


Your work is beautiful! I am so glad you didn't sell your camera but found Dreamstime instead. I have been so inspired by being a part of the Dreamstime community. It inspires my photography on a daily basis.

May 03, 2016


You are amazing............ very creative ! David .

May 02, 2016


Outstanding job and portfolio!!!!

A photographer selling their camera makes money only once, but selling stockphotos on Dreamstime brings you money for eternity!

May 02, 2016


Thank you everyone! :)

May 01, 2016


Beautiful pics.

May 01, 2016


I love your orca pic!

And as a fellow Canadian expat from BC -- hello!

May 01, 2016


Nice work! Congratulations!

May 01, 2016


I liked Your photos, great job. Success!

April 30, 2016


Nice Work Beth !

April 30, 2016


For me was the same: DT really trusts in its photographers. Images being accepted here will surely sell. You have a very nice portfolio... stupid who lost you!

April 30, 2016


Ha, loved the comment about the fastest way for a photographer to earn money! I am also being invigorated by being part of Dreamstime, though concentrating more on vector illustrations at the moment. But being in Darwin Australia, I am drawn into grabbing my camera often as my large tropical garden constantly presents me with amazing wildlife.

Just a few metres from my back door I have discovered a baby frill neck lizard. I only identified it from the usual run-of-the-mill Ta Ta lizards while looking through the viewfinder of my camera!

Lovely portfolio you have.

April 30, 2016


Great story...Congrats and Best wishes on more good achievements!

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